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Criminal Defense“I’ve Been Charged with a Crime. Now What?”

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in Virginia, there are some critical decisions you need to make about your criminal defense.

One of your most important decisions is whether to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney to represent you. From start to finish, there will be several things that you might not know how to deal with that a Criminal Defense Attorney has been trained to deal with every day. If you are still unsure of whether you will need an Attorney, keep reading to learn more about what you’re up against.

“I’m in Jail. How Can I Prepare My Defense?”

First things first. If you are sitting in jail and waiting for your trial, you will have a tough time preparing your defense. It might be a good idea to set up a bond hearing to see whether the judge will allow you to get bailed out of jail pending your trial. Here you can learn more about bond hearings and whether setting one up is a good idea for you.

If the judge has denied you bond, you are going to need some serious help putting together your defense. You will need somebody to find, interview, and subpoena your witnesses, to investigate the crime scene, to interview the officers, analyze the evidence, to research the law for your case, and sometimes try to work out a deal with the prosecuting attorney. You should seriously consider whether you need to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney to take care of these things for you.

“How Do I Prepare for Trial?”

Every case is different, but the strength of your criminal defense will always depend on how well you prepare. The way you prepare will depend on the circumstances of your case. Some cases turn on the law, some cases turn on the facts, and some turn on both. But if you don’t know what to look for, you are going to have a very difficult time effectively developing your criminal defense. A Criminal Defense Attorney has been trained to pick out the weak spots and identify the strengths of your case. He will be able to determine how to develop the most effective defense, based on the facts and the laws connected to your circumstances.

“How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help Me?”

Once you hire a Criminal Defense Attorney, all you need to worry about is following his instructions and showing up to court on time. Your Criminal Defense Attorney will manage every other aspect of your case for you. Here are just some of the things your Criminal Defense Attorney will do to manage your criminal defense:

  • Find, interview, and subpoena witnesses
  • Investigate and prepare photos of the crime scene
  • Question the Officer
  • Analyze the Officer’s evidence
  • Research the law
  • Draft Motions and argue them on your behalf
  • Comply with statutory deadlines and other procedural rules
  • Negotiate a deal with the prosecuting attorney
  • Prepare you to testify if necessary

But the most important thing a Criminal Defense Attorney does for you is to speak on your behalf. Many times, you can put your defense into serious jeopardy just by opening your mouth. If you say the wrong thing to the judge or the prosecuting attorney, it could sink your case. When you speak to the judge or the prosecutor, you are probably taking an unnecessary risk. It is usually better that you not take the risk, and just let a Criminal Defense Attorney do the talking for you.

“I Should Probably Hire an Attorney. What Next?”

I put all my time and effort into making sure I leave no stone unturned. A criminal case takes a lot of work, and I don’t settle for anything but my best effort. In order to give each of my clients a complete criminal defense, I only accept a few clients at a time. If you have been charged with a crime in any of the courts here in Virginia, call me now to set up a Free Consultation. Stop worrying, and let me take it from here.

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