Hampton Overheight Commercial Truck Attorney

Overheight Commercial Vehicle Ticket in Hampton, Virginia

truck ticketsThe Westbound side of the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel uses height measurement systems.  They’re trying to protect the tunnel, which is a pretty tight fit. The maximum height of any vehicle  in Virginia without a special permit is 13 Feet, 6 inches. This is mostly enforced at the westbound entrance to the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel. If  you got a ticket for driving an overheight truck, we can help.

We know your time is money. As a professional driver, if you’re not on the road, you’re not making money. We can work with you  over the phone or email to get  your ticket handled. If you prefer to meet in person, we are happy to.  We offer free telephone or in-person consultations for professional drivers. Call right now: 757-610-9564

Drivers cited with an overheight violation normally must appear in the Hampton General District Court. This traffic infraction is considered a ‘moving violation’ for insurance purposes. It has a mandatory minimum fine of at least $1,000. It also has three demerit points on your CDL License. This can result in employment consequences and increased insurance rates in some cases.

Some employers cover the cost of hiring an Attorney to avoid the increased insurance rates that may come from a conviction on this. If this is the case for you, we will be happy to make the financial arrangements with your employer.

How Does A Lawyer Help with a Truck Driver’s Overheight Violation?

We defend overheight violations issued to Commercial Drivers at the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel. If you received a ticket at the tunnel, you were probably ‘flagged down’ and told to wait until an officer was available to measure your truck. In most cases, an officer then came and, using a measuring stick, measured in several places all around your truck. The officer may have discovered that the truck was higher than 13′ 6″ in a few places, or only in one place, and then issued you a summons for violating Virginia Code 46.2-1110.

The way we defend overheight violations depends on how your particular stop occurred, whether your truck set off any automated alarms or sensors, whether the officer followed the precise measurement standards developed by the Commonwealth of Virginia, the type and setup of the rig you were driving, and the specifics of where and how you normally drive. There are a number of highly technical defenses available, some involving expert witness testimony. We are experienced defending drivers on this charge.  Contact our firm for a free telephone consultation.

Will I Have to be In Court for my CDL Overheight Ticket?

Maybe.  In some cases, we can achieve a good outcome on an overheight ticket without you coming to court. In other cases, a good outcome is much more likely if our client is present in court. Whether you can avoid coming to court or not will depend on the facts of your specific case, and the strategy we use to defend you. As we work together on your case, your Attorney will keep you informed on whether your presence in court will be required. Of course, you are always welcome to be in court on your court date if you want to be.

Talk to a lawyer with experience handling Commercial Truck Overheight Tickets in Hampton and throughout the Hampton Roads communities of Virginia, call us today.