Getting a Ticket After a Car Accident

wreck-ticketIt’s bad enough that you’re car was just wrecked, but why did the police officer also have to write you a ticket?  In Virginia, it’s very common for one or all of the people involved in a vehicle accident to get a traffic ticket. The most common tickets cops give after wrecks are for reckless driving, following too closely, or failing to yield. But here is what you must remember:  the police officer cannot make a determination about who is “at fault” in the wreck, and if he didn’t witness it, it will be pretty difficult for him to establish any violation of the law at all.

Why Fight the Ticket After A Car Accident?

So one reason to fight the traffic ticket after your car accident is because a knowledgeable traffic attorney can often win the case, getting the ticket completely dismissed and keeping it off your record. This is especially true if the police officer did not actually see the accident occur.  The second reason to fight your ticket is related to your personal liability in the wreck.  In some cases, if you’re found guilty of the traffic ticket related to a wreck, then you will also be automatically liable for the other party’s damages and injuries from that accident.

Always remember that pre-paying a ticket is exactly the same as being found guilty of it. When you pay that fine to the court, you are admitting that you did exactly what you’ve been accused of. So pre-paying or going to court and losing could both end up costing you or your insurance company many thousands of dollars. The solution? Let us fight your traffic ticket, and also consult one of the best Virginia Beach Personal Injury Lawyers to see whether you might have a valid claim for your own injuries caused by the accident.