5 Reasons You Need an Attorney on a Drug Charge

Drug Charge Criminal Defense Attorney

How a Criminal Defense Attorney can help with your Drug Charge

If you have a pending Drug Charge in one of the courts in Hampton Roads, you may need an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney to represent you. Here’s 5 Reasons you need an attorney on a drug charge:

  1. To help make sense of a tough situation.
    When you have a drug charge offense in Virginia, it can be a frightening, confusing, and life-altering experience. By consulting with a Hampton Roads defense attorney who has experience defending clients from drug charges, you can turn an impossible situation into a known quantity. An experienced defense attorney will be able to explain the legal proceedings to you and begin to develop a defense strategy for your case.
  2. To investigate whether the police followed proper procedure.
    There are many ways to defend against a drug charge by challenging the way the police conducted their investigation. For example, the officer must have a valid reason for initiating contact with a person. This is known as probable cause or reasonable suspicion. Also, for a possession charge, the prosecutor must establish that the person had control of the drugs at the time the police contacted him or her. By working with you to get to the bottom of the facts, your Hampton Roads criminal defense attorney can determine whether proper procedure was followed and mount your defense.
  3. To zealously represent your rights to the court.
    Drug charges in Virginia range from simple possession of marijuana, a misdemeanor, to felony conspiracy to distribute drugs. Regardless of the severity of the charge, the prosecutor may still seek a punishment that does not fit the crime. By advocating on your behalf and presenting the court with evidence of your good behavior and record, an experienced Hampton Roads criminal defense attorney will help the judge see past any unwarranted or severe charge that has been taken out against you.
  4. To help minimize punishment, if any.
    Many drug charges, especially ones involving possession with the intent to distribute or transporting, involve mandatory punishments. By working with the prosecution, even in a situation where the government is able to prove your guilt, an experienced drug possession or distribution defense lawyer can reduce or limit any jail time you may be faced with.
  5. To preserve your good name as you attempt to move on.
    By advocating for the reduction or dismissal of a drug charge, as well as by pursuing a verdict of not guilty, an experienced defense attorney will seek to keep the blemish of a drug charge conviction from appearing on your record. In doing so, your defense attorney will conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances of the charge, bring forth evidence and testimony favorable to you, and determine the best defense strategy for your case. Contact a local Hampton Roads defense attorney so that you can fight to keep a drug charge from appearing on your record and affecting your future.