Driving On a Suspended License

Driving on a Suspended LicenseDriving On a Suspended License in Virginia Can Cost You

Whatever the reason, not having a license in Virginia is tough. You have things you need to do. You need to get to work, drop your kids off at school, pick up groceries, pick your kids up from school – the list goes on and on. While anyone can understand why you chose to drive on a suspended license, the cop that pulled you over only cares that you were driving on a suspended license.  And the worst part is that it could cost you dearly.

Here’s What You Could Be Facing:

If you have been charged with Driving on a Suspended License in Virginia, it is a Class One Misdemeanor, and you are facing up to one year in jail, up to a 90 day license suspension, and up to $2,500 in fines.

A third conviction in ten years of Driving on a Suspended License requires a mandatory minimum ten days in jail, in addition to up to a year in jail, up to $2,500 in fines and up to a 90 day license suspension.

How to Fight the Charge

However, the Commonwealth still has the burden of proving these three things to get a conviction on a Driving on a Suspended License charge:

  1. That you were driving a motor vehicle;
  2. That your license was properly suspended; and
  3. That you had notice of the suspension.

The first two are usually pretty straightforward. But proving that you had notice of the suspension is not always that easy to prove. There are a few different ways to contest the notice element that your Defense Attorney will know when fighting your Driving on a Suspended License charge.

What Do I Need to Do Now?

The worst thing you can do for your Driving on a Suspended License charge is to wait until right before your trial to hire an attorney.  The best way to fight one of these charges is to give your attorney a good amount of time to prepare your defense.

The first thing you need to do is go here to get your Compliance Summary from the Virginia DMV. If your suspension is from another state, you’ll need to get the Compliance Summary from that DMV. The Compliance Summary tells you what you need to do to get your license back – and this can be very important in your case. Bring a copy of the Compliance Summary to your first meeting with your attorney.

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