Diddy Does Detention on Nearly Deadly Kettlebell Drop

diddy-Virginia-attorneyIt’s no secret, Diddy has a temper, and this isn’t the first time he’s been charged with Assault. Technically, this time it’s three counts of Assault with a Deadly Weapon (a Kettlebell), one count of terrorist threats, and one count of Battery. The rapper was arrested around Noon Pacific Time on June 22, and by 10:00 PM he had posted Bail and was released.

Helicopter Dads are not a new phenomenon, and charges of Assault and Battery are not that uncommon, though sometimes they get reduced to something less serious, like Disturbing the Peace, if the incident doesn’t involve any weapon and no one is injured. Apparently Diddy’s incident was more serious, as it is alleged he threatened his son’s coach with the Kettlebell, believing the coach was treating his son too harshly. Diddy claims self-defense.

Since Diddy’s debacle happened in California, and their laws will apply. But similar charges would likely be brought had the incident happened in Virginia. Here, the charge might be Attempted Malicious Wounding, which is a Class 5 Felony and carries a potential punishment of 1-10 years in prison, or up to 12 months jail and a fine of up to $2,500.

If he acted in defense of himself or others, that might be a legitimate defense to his charges. In that case, he would have to demonstrate some evidence that he legitimately feared for his life or safety and acted to prevent an imminent attack. Note that self-defense won’t help a person who leaves the scene and returns later, nor is it helpful if you use more force than necessary to repel the attacker.

Next time you’re at your child’s football or baseball game, let’s keep it civil. But if you do get arrested, give us a call.