5 Reasons You Need A Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyer

criminal-defense-lawyerYour Defense Lawyer can help you make sense of a frightening and confusing situation.

When you are charged with a crime, the prosecutor has the full resources of the Commonwealth of Virginia at his disposal to investigate your case. That’s a scary proposition. However, a defense lawyer who comes into contact with Virginia prosecutors will know the tactics and strategies they use. Experienced defense attorneys can take the shock factor out of a criminal charge by examining the Commonwealth’s evidence, and consulting with you to formulate defenses to the charge.  Did you know that your defense attorney is entitled to see much of the prosecution’s evidence against you prior to any trial?

Your Defense Lawyer fully understands what’s happening in court.

Understanding Virginia criminal laws can be difficult. Filing motions in your criminal case requires special knowledge of criminal procedure and Virginia pleading forms. Your criminal defense lawyer will help you understand Virginia criminal law, as well as assist you by filing motions and developing defenses to your charge. It is important to protect your rights by making sure the Commonwealth can prove its case against you. If it cannot prove its case, or if the state lacks probable cause, your charges must be dismissed.  Your defense attorney can use pretrial motions to help force the state to show that it has followed all the proper procedures in your case.

Your Defense Lawyer can get your charge reduced or dismissed.

An experienced Virginia defense lawyer will have a professional working relationship with judges and prosecutors that enables them to negotiate more effectively on your behalf. In cases where a plea bargain is the outcome that you want to pursue, this relationship can help your defense lawyer secure a plea bargain in which your charge is reduced to a lesser offense. If the evidence against you is insufficient, your defense attorney can also file motions to challenge parts of the prosecutor’s case. If the motions are successful, the judge may dismiss the charge against you.

 Your Defense Lawyer can help save your job.

Many employers require job applicants to disclose all criminal convictions, whether misdemeanor or felony. If your conviction is even remotely related to the type of job you’re applying for, an employer will sometimes automatically disqualify your application. A defense lawyer can help you reduce or completely beat your charge, depending on the facts of your case. To protect against a criminal conviction sticking to your record as a red flag for employers, consult an attorney before going into court alone.

Your Defense Lawyer can save you money in the long run.

A criminal conviction often carries a substantial fine, and can result in higher insurance rates and trouble with employment and security clearances. Hiring an attorney who is experienced in negotiating with the prosecutor and the judge can reduce your fine, and possibly even eliminate the fine altogether if the charge is dismissed. If you are able to avoid a conviction or keep certain offenses off your criminal record, you may be able to avoid the other potential expenses related to a conviction.

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